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You're here because you've got money problems. I don't need a crystal ball to work that out. Here's the
scary part: you're not alone. 95% of the world's
population has somekind of money troubles:
you may have accumulated a little debt that's
causing you grief or you may just be finding it harder and harder to make your money stretch from paypacket to paypacket - and don't even talk about the costs of retirement or illness. Even a small problem like your car dying on you or even a broken wrist could be all that it needs to bring your house of cards tumbling down. And do we dare even mention the possibility of losing your job?

It will probably surprise you when I tell you that you're not the problem, money is - or rather your understanding of money. Because we have forgotten what money is, where it comes from and how to create it for long-term prosperity, we have become victims of an imposter to money which is destroying our health, our lives and our planet. This False Money is the root of every kind of evil. If we don't destroy it, it will continue to destroy us - it's already poisoning our oceans and rivers, it's already making our air unfit to breathe and it's already filling our bodies with cancers. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to learn the difference between Real Money and this False Money and you need to do it now.

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